About Rattan

RATTAN FORGINGS" manufacturers of  Forging presses, friction Screw Presses. The market success of its products under trade name of  through out the Indian & Overseas market, is a testimony of capability of the group in the field of forging machinery. 

Rattan Forgings Here is our humble presentation of  Forging presses & Friction Screw Presses which are the essence of Technical ability and skill of Engineers. We are manufacturing all kind of presses i.e. Forging Presses, Friction Screw Presses and Power Presses. Needless to add the beauty of our designs are to incorporate maximum possible facilities to their users without incurring exorbitant investments. The frames of our Presses are rugged in construction and high quality material are used for their manufacturing. Due to our excellent workmanship and finish of our presses, bears pleasant outlook. We have a standard practice of Seasoning our Castings and stress Relieving our all Fabricated Structures. Undoubtly our Presses will prove to be an asset to your unit.

Our Products:- 
Forging Presses
 are an answer for the forging of Hexagonal Square and round headed bolts as well as for Nuts, Rivets, Motor Parts, Cycle parts verities of such other items. These presses are very simple in operation and their stroke can be achieved pressing a lever provided on the left hand column on the front of the press.

Friction Screw Presses are heavy duty of fabricated construction and are suitable for endless variety of Non-Ferrous Stampings, Forgings and Piercing operations depending on the tooling employed on it. Even these can be utilized for planer ship and finishing of articles which has been produced on Power Presses or by casting. These Presses are being manufactured from 50 to 500 tones capacity. Their design's beauty is that can give 1/2" stroke with full press force. Moreover any type of ejection arrangements can be supplied along with press against specific requirements.

Our Presses are guaranteed against any type of manufacturing defects for one year. We shall be pleased to serve your enquires by sending our most competitive offers along with technical data of our presses, moreover Technical Experts are always at your service to advise you about particular requirement.